Sunday, 1 January 2012

Thank You & Happy New Year

We have had thousands of views over December!

I would like to say Thank You to:

Our Poets

Hollie McNish
Cathy Bryant
Yanny Mac
Jack Pascoe
Anna Percy
Gary From Leeds
Charlie Rawcliffe
Angela Topping
Rachel McGladdery
Ginna Wilkerson
Agnes Marton
David Mountain
Jennie Bailey
Charlotte Henson
Claire Trevien
Sam Lane
Nick Jarvis
Sian Rathore
Jo Langton
Zelda Chappel
Dermot Glennon
Lucy Lepchani
Gerry Potter
Billy Bragg
Anna McCrory
Red Newsom
Jayne Stanton
Michael Wilson
John Darwin
Laurie Bolger
Jo Bell

Everyone that submitted work
All of the Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers
Everyone that read daily

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will there be another Poetry Advent Calendar in December? How/When can I submit to it?
A: Yes, check back here mid-Nov for submissions and Dec 1st for the first poem

Q: I wasn't successful with my 2011 submission, should I submit again?
A: Yes, just because you weren't successful this time around, it doesn't mean that your work wasn't good enough, I had a lot of submissions with only 31 calendar days available

Q: Who are you?!
A: My name is Zach Roddis, I study English BA (Hons) at Manchester Metropolitan University, I write/perform poetry regularly. This blog was just a little idea I had an a boring November weekend. I am going to be cheeky and end this post with a poem of my own

'A Poem from the Future'

E4 are still repeating Friends
Radiohead have re-released The Bends
2012 has been and gone, and the world didn't end
Keep Calm and Carry On

Grand Theft Auto has been banned
Johnny Rotten's advertising jam
Politicians are wearing fake tan
Keep Calm and Carry On

The Deftones are on MTV
Rihanna is on the front cover of NME
Rage Against The Machine are on a Christmas CD
Keep Calm and Carry On

The NHS is on it's arse
The X Factor is still a farse
The Olympics had a false start
Keep Calm and Carry On

The Hadron Collider discovered nothin'
McDonalds increased the price of an Egg McMuffin
Marathon runners are still runnin'
Keep Calm and Carry On

There's a war that's far from over
The Simpsons killed off Homer
As for the economy; I could've told ya
Keep Calm and Carry On

Happy New Year Everyone

Peace & Love

Zach Roddis

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