Saturday, 31 December 2011

Day Thirty One: 'Resolution' by Jo Bell


Hungover in the cow-fresh air, they leave their friends
to stuffing frosty cars with leftovers and sleeping children.
He wishes that they had a dog, or tartan travel rugs.

The pub is mulled and mistletoed,
aglint with copper pans and holly.
The Sheffield Pipe Band skirls, unlikely, by.

He heaves her uphill to the torpid castle:
kisses her against the wishbone walls,
trumpets blarting up through crow-filled trees.

They march down singing Wenceslas.
This is going to be a fruitful year,
he thinks. Or better than the last.

Jo Bell

1 comment:

  1. 'mulled, mistletoed','crow-filled' inventive, I think. I also like 'skirls', and especially 'blarting'.
    Nice downbeat ending...goes well with the title.

    I've enjoyed reading all these. Only learned how to make comments a while into it... but it's been fun. Happy New Year!