Friday, 9 December 2011

Day Nine: 'Bauble Gazing' by Rachel McGladdery

'Bauble gazing'

We can create impermanence today.

(Foot dragging still, though it’s halfway through December)

Dust down the tree and wrap old boxes up in tat.

I will find the lights, bring in some green

to make it seem

that Christmas might yet happen.

But you know deep down I hate the fraud

of putting lights in windows when

there’s not a card bought.

And I can bear the itching to make the house look clean,

to tuck the fripping out of sight,

will swallow down the urge to tidy all the ribboning away

and grin inanely at the Christmas ads

to see your face reflected in a ball of glass,

tottering delicate on a scented bough,

gazing wide at all the room made broad

in the convex spill of light.

Rachel McGladdery

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