Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Day Thirteen: 'A Snowflake's Chance' by Jennie Bailey

'A Snowflake's Chance'

As the chill of old age sets into ancient trees.

Snow, for now, is just a promise – one cloud away.

Now we cling together, shelter from the cruel breeze.

Overcome by the cold, we retreat from the day,

window gazing as the snow starts to fall in haste.

Frozen glitter flutters down like white feathered charms,

leaving little snowflake kisses on the tree's face.

A flurry of snow is welcomed with outstreched arms,

kisses collect upon the darkening silhouette.

Echoes with the creak and groan of limbs lifting snow,

flowing over its boughs; a glacial sheen so wet.

Enjoy this moment; it's the season to be slow.

Love, once again, fights the cold. And now, once again,

love keeps us warm as the chill of old age sets in.

Jennie Bailey

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