Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Day Twenty One: 'The Songs Say It All' by Dermot Glennon

'The Songs Say It All'

This is christmas
and what have I done
another year over
another year old
and I will be lonely this christmas
lonely and cold
but not lonely enough
as stuck in a house
full of cheery people
glass in hand
and a niece on my knee
hungover so bad
and all she wants is book after book
after cuddle after snuggle
after read her a story
to the quiet dirge of McGowan
and if I get elected
I'll stop the cavalry
The nephews want the monster
to chase them through the house
and the older children
wanting to fleece me at cards
a meal too big for a fragile me
and a voice saying home now
home; you need sleep.

Dermot Glennon

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