Saturday, 17 December 2011

Day Seventeen: 'Let Winter Come' by Nick Jarvis

'Let winter come'

Let the harvest fill the tables,

let the fields look a little lost,

let the flowers go to bed.

Let the days be undone by darkness,

let the trees shake off the last of their leaves,

let the rains wash the year away.

Let the puddles freeze,

let the moon rise and the snow fall,

let the sounds release their silence.

Let the children build their snowmen,

let the paths remain unswept,

let the drift pile up at the door.

Let the hinges squeak,

let the locks rust,

let the tools lie in their box.

Let your breath hang in the air,

let the clouds thicken,

let the sky sink.

Let winter come.

Nick Jarvis


  1. Oh, I love this. What a beautiful simple poem :)

  2. Oh, alright then. Well, apart from letting the tools stay in the box..I wish. It's Crimbo, I get 2 days off. Fix the bathroom; fix the kitchen electrics,fix the rabbit-hutch, finish the computers being fixed slowly. Or?