Thursday, 1 December 2011

Day One: 'Snow Baby' by Hollie McNish

'Snow Baby'

The snow will be gone when you come baby

The ice will have melted away

A springtime bloom will be waiting for you as soon as you come out to play.

When you open your eyes there’ll be flowers

Branches bloomed into hues

The bees will be back, the petals attacked

and the honies will melt around you

The white will be split when you come baby

The colours splintered through rain

This blanket of snow with its one palette show

Will melt in a rainbow of paint

The cold will be gone when you come baby

Just a warm little cooling down breeze

The leaves on the trees will be minty and green

And the rivers run back into seas

The thaw will be here when you come baby

The animals peeping through dirt

Daffodils trumpeting gateways to parks

As you open your ears to the earth

The land will be soft when you sit baby

The grass grown through daisy chain seats

The sun will be bright, the heat will be light

As you lie in the shade of the trees

The snow will be gone when you come baby

Right now it’s a blanket of pearls

So just rest for a bit, put your feet up and sit

till the buds break the frost and unfurl.

The freeze will be gone when you come baby

The glittering frost-biting tracks

So grow strong with the spring so when snow starts to sing

You can run out and marvel at that.

Hollie McNish

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